Nomadic Notes

Posted in Niger: January 2010 by rain4sahara on January 6, 2010

hello all friends of RAIN,

RAIN works with dedicated parents, helping them to develop profitable enterprises to improve their livelihoods and support their children’s schools.  One of our primary enterprises is the School Market Garden.  Nomadic children in Niger live at state boarding schools, many other rural children walk miles to and from school each day.  Whether 3 meals a day or only lunch — they all need to eat well! RAIN gardens provide nutritious vegetables while producing cash crops which support the gardens.

I’m in Niger now and had dinner tonight with Dr. Dov Pasternak, an agriculture expert and creator of the school market garden concept.  He is implementing wonderful programs in Niger — women’s community gardens, tree nurseries, water saving devices and more.  He urges us to plant large areas of fruit trees in the Air Massif — the northern nomadic region bordering the Sahara Desert — and predicts we can profit well as many desirable citrus and other fruits do not grow as well in other regions of West Africa and are in demand.  He has offered to provide staff training and seedlings!  It is exciting to meet with others who are committed and hopeful, discussing the promise of Niger.

In this, the world poorest country, we can create opportunities for growth.

Please share your arid agriculture experience and tips.

all the best,  Bess


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