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People of the Air Massif return home

Posted in Uncategorized by rain4sahara on February 1, 2010

The Air Massif: Gougaram — Iferouane and the places in-between

The Tuareg people of the Air Massif in northern Niger have suffered through 2 years of an conflict between a protest group and the Niger military.  Many people were forced to leave their homes and live in temporary homes in the neighboring cities of Agadez, Arlit and Tchirozerene.

There is now peace in the region and people are returning to rebuild their lives.

Each village — Ibourikoum, Aguelal, Tadek, Tefis and more — has its story. For people of the Air Massif, RAIN is their NGO, the partner they count on. All are working together to restore their communities, homes, schools and school gardens. They are re-starting their lives with nothing but spirit to see them through.

The Gougaram garden was burned and is now home to a herd of donkeys. But the RAIN cistern stands and we will return!

The walls of the Tadek schools are full of holes from mortar shells.

The people of Soulefet have collected $200 to repair their well and are building an enclosure to keep animals our of their school garden. RAIN has given them a well pump and drip irrigation system to replace those destroyed  during the insurrection.

And the kids everywhere are happy to be back home, and in school.


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