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Regarding the recent events in Niger

Posted in Uncategorized by rain4sahara on February 24, 2010

You may have seen news reports about a coup in Niger. Last Thursday, February 18, I contacted RAIN’s Niamey office and was told that there were sounds of gunfire in the distance, but no one knew what was happening.  As the day progressed, we learned that some mid-level military personnel, calling themselves the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy, had taken President Tandja into custody and declared themselves the new rulers of Niger.

This coup follows a year in which Mr. Tandja has refused to schedule elections, even though his term as president was to end in December 2009.  During the past year, Nigeriens watched as their parliament, high court and constitution were all dissolved.

 Niger has been calm since the events of Thursday.  People we’ve talked to don’t know what to expect, but hope that the new leaders will soon schedule democratic elections.

Thank you to all who have expressed concern about the safety of RAIN staff in Niger.  

We’re all fine!

Best regards,  



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