Nomadic Notes

Niger Food Crisis

Signs of Drought in Niger

One ton of food aid to a school in Enekre.

The peoples of the Agadez region, Niger’s vast northern desert expanse, suffered through 2 years of displacement as their homeland was engulfed in a rebel movement protesting Niger’s uranium mines. Tuareg nomads are returning to their ravaged homeland in the Sahara’s Air Massif, only to be faced with drought and lack of pasturelands.  These nomadic people’s source of sustenance is their herds of goats, sheep and camels.  These animals provide milk, meat, leather and income.

People are suffering, animals dying — they turn to RAIN for help. Parents are taking their children out of school because there is no food for them there.  We need to provide food for more schools to keep children enrolled  — they need nourishment for their bodies and minds.  We’ve recently delivered 5 tons of food to nomadic schools in the Air Massif, we need to do more.

RAIN’s animal feed centers keep herds alive, in turn ensuring food security to their owners.  Please donate at

Food aid to school in Arag

Food Aid to School in Ebourkoum, March 2010

Herder Danbouki with his extended family. His livestock would have perished without assistance from RAIN.


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