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Food Crisis in Niger Featured in the New York Times

Dear Friends,

There is an article featured today’s New York Times by Adam Nossiter about the scope of the food crisis in Niger, including a slideshow.

 [See the article here:]     

Prayers in Danganari. Half of Niger’s 15 million people face a food shortage, officials said.

Nossiter deftly captures the cause and scope of the crisis; the severity of need, the displacement with the endless search for food, how hunger disrupts children’s education.  He also highlights the active role the new government has been playing in giving more of the population access to food, in sharp contrast to the previous
administration.  This is great news for RAIN and our circle of donors, that the new government may possibly become a partner in aid instead of an obstacle. 

We are hoping this article increases awareness of this very pressing need and can help ignite the passion to give a helping hand to our friends in West Africa.

To donate online to the RAIN Emergency Food Aid fund, please visit:

Checks can also be sent to: RAIN/PO Box 545/Newmarket, NH/03857.

We will continue to keep you posted on our progress in bringing relief to these communities!

Bess Palmisciano


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