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Thanks to all who helped make “Daughters of the Desert” a success!

Posted in Uncategorized by rain4sahara on July 12, 2010

On Friday, June 25th, Rain for the Sahel and Sahara (RAIN) held their annual event Daughters of the Desert on June 25th.  Held at the majestic Three Rivers Farm, Daughters of the Desert was a celebration of the mothers, women mentors and cooperative artisans in Niger who play a vital role in supporting their children’s schools.  Nearly $70,000 was raised for RAIN’s programs to bring education, food security and livelihoods to partner communities in Niger.


Over 150 Seacoasters came out to show their support. Guests enjoyed the African inspired fare by Bruce Doty of Philbrick’s Fresh Market, and bid for auction items ranging from South African Photo Safari trips to tickets to Dancing With the Stars.  Guests also had the opportunity to give directly to RAIN programs, such as installing a school market garden or digging a community well.

RAIN is very grateful to our host, Dan Philbrick, and to our sponsors for their support, including: Joanne Lamprey, Tom Haas, Jon Bobbett, Patience and Tom Chamberlin, Paul McKeon, Martha Fuller Clark and Geoffrey Clark, Kate and Bob Horgan, Ree and Frioze Katrak, Lee and John Lamson, Susan and Charles Lassen, Janet Prince and Peter Bergh, Emilie and Dick Spaulding, Ann and Peter Tarlton, Katie and Doug Wheeler, Nancy and David Borden, Kirsten and Hunter Brownlie, Jane Dooda, MaryAnn and Tim Driscoll, Joan and Frank Graf, Kathy and Roderick Richards, Nancy and Mal Sandberg, Stella and Stan Smith, R. Peter Taylor, Sue and Bob Thoresen, Betsy and Frank Wilczek, Rob Carrigg, Mil and Bill Duncan, and Ellie and Dave Sanderson. Corporate sponsors include Appledore Real Estate, Opus Advisors, LLC, Pax World Mutual Funds, Samonas Realty Group, William A. Renaud Trucking, QHT, Inc., Susan Hamilton of Phineas Graphics, Bruce Doty of Philbrick’s Fresh Market and auctioneer Mark Fedoro.

In Kind donors for Daughters of the Desert include: Blues Traveler, Zulu Nyala Game Reserve, Ann and Peter Tarlton, Nancy and David Borden, Susan Lassen, Ree Katrak, Allison Reedy, Tom Bergeron, Madjia Issou, Sugarz Salon, Sheila Duffy Skincare, The Music Hall, The Common Man, Seacoast Sports Clubs, Dover Wine Co., Charter Weeks, Zero Gravity Films, and John Seavey.

Thanks for volunteer support to: the Exeter Rotary Club, Nancy Winterbottom, Maura Sutton, Barbara Winter, Sally Barber, Leslie Barber, Sarah Greer, Nina Shaw, Kit Shaw, Susan Pratt-Smith, MaryHop Brandon, Leonard Seagren, Jonathan and Georgene Damon, Karen McCormack, John Lamson, Carey Wendell, and Liz Webber.

Thanks to all our guests and contributors for a successful event!




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