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RAIN Emergency Food Aid Distribution Update: Teyiss

Posted in Uncategorized by rain4sahara on August 13, 2010

In the region of Agadez, not far from Foudouk, there is a small, nomadic community called Teyiss. RAIN is new to Teyiss, though the community was aware of RAIN, having heard news from their Foudouk neighbors about the ways RAIN was helping the schools and families there. This August, some relief will have arrived from RAIN in form of emergency food aid for students, their families and livestock.  

Like Foudouk, Teyiss has also been hit hard by the current drought and food crisis, with the now familiar sad story to tell of their suffering livestock and fears for their families. Prior to the food distribution, a community-wide meeting was held to introduce RAIN, and to plan the transport of food and animal feed to the village. Many expressed their joy and gratification for this assistance, which they had never experienced before. Without hesitation, all came together in contributing to the food transport, carried out in spite of the difficulties of roads washed away by floods.  

2.3 tons of food was distributed to the Teyiss school, which supports 31 children. The children and their parents were present for this event, some smiles coming through in spite of the prolonged stress from the crisis.  55 sacks of 50 kg each of animal feed were given to those families determined by the community to be most in need, 55 in all. One individual, speaking on behalf of the recipient families, expressed that this help had come just in time, being a crucial turning point for their remaining animals.  

The community of Teyiss expresses their great appreciation to donors, and hopes for continued future partnership with RAIN.   

Children with parents at Teyis School Teyiss community with food distribution.


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