Nomadic Notes


Posted in Niger Food Security by rain4sahara on September 16, 2010

So many have supported RAIN in its efforts to bring food aid and animal feed programs to Niger’s herders during these months of drought and food shortages.  We think it best that the “thank you’s”  — Nagode in Hausa, Tanemeert in Tamasheq — come directly from the Nigerien people.

“The words to thank the Zakat Foundation and Rain for the Sahel and Sahara escape us because the animal feed is like gold for us.

A herder related that his animals, and those of many others, continue to die despite the rains.  The grasses are just beginning to grow and the starving animals are trying to eat it.  As they do, they ingest very little grass but a lot of sand. As a result, they die.

“My heart is full  of joy; this help is the first of its kind for the village of Teyiss and it came at a time when it was most needed.” A Wodaabe man in Teyiss, Niger.


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