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RAIN and Rotary bring a rural school to life!

Posted in Niger Schools by rain4sahara on November 17, 2010

Niger is one of the hottest and driest countries on earth.  Conditions here are harsh and one wonders how can people survive.  And many barely do.  A small investment is often all this is needed to help a family earn a little money or for a child to attend school.

And this year, that investment was made! The Rotary Club of Exeter, NH and its partner clubs from Newburyport, MA and Portsmouth, NH, and Rotary International have partnered with RAIN and the Rotary Club Gaweye of Niamey, Niger, to give a great leg up to the village of Bonfeba.  The 247 children in the Bonfeba state -run boarding school for nomads  must have food.  Thanks to Rotary’s food donation, the school opened on time, and the students have come.  This gift was especially timely – a drought and resulting food shortages this summer caused millions to go hungry. 

 RAIN and its Rotary partners are giving Bonfeba’s parents and children a life-changing leg up.   With  Rotary’s help  RAIN and Bonfeba’s parents  installed a ½ acre school garden.  RAIN is introducing the community to drip irrigation to provide the ideal flow of water to the garden while using much less water than traditional irrigation methods. This garden will grow fresh food for the children, as well producing cash crops that will pay the garden expenses and generate funds for the Bonfeba school. 


The people of Bonfeba have their first source of clean drinking water. Bonfeba is located beside shallow and stagnant pool of water that has been the townspeople’s  sole source of drinking water.  Rotary and RAIN dug Bonfeba’s first well.  Water is pumped to a cistern from which it flows into the drip irrigation system for the garden.  When the cistern is emptied, it is replenished with clean drinking water that is available to the schoolchildren and all townspeople.  This water will bring better health to hundreds who regularly suffer from dysentery and other illnesses because of their polluted  water supply.


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