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The Second Chance School — Your thoughts

Posted in Uncategorized by rain4sahara on November 17, 2010

Here in Niger fewer than 15% of rural children attend school and those who do, on average, complete only 4 years.  Many regret not staying in school long enough to gain the knowledge and skills needed to earn a living and take part in the political and social discourse.

Why not a Second Chance?  A class in each school to bring those children and young adults who want to restart their schooling up to speed.  RAIN mentoring programs succeeds in keeping girls in school longer and improving their grades and participation.  Adults become literate in our bilingual adult education classes.  What of those young people on the outside looking in — can we reach out to them? How?

The city of Agadez, a historic nomadic center, is in crisis following 2 years of unrest.  Children roam streets, often turning to petty theft to survive.  How best to bring them back into education and society?  RAIN often augments education with skills training, luring children to school with the possibility of learning a profitable trade.  Can this approach succeed on the street?

Please share your experience and ideas.  We value your views!

by:  Bess Palmisciano


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