Nomadic Notes

About RAIN

The nomads of Niger
the poorest country in the world — have thrived in the desert for over a thousand years but today live a marginal existence. These unique cultures are threatened by drought and climate change. The nomads’ fertile pastureland has been taken for farming; they are forced to live in the ever more arid desert regions.  In a region where little aid is available, Rain for the Sahel and Sahara (RAIN) is a consistent presence. Our staff is all local people, our programs are the result of community brainstorming sessions – we are revitalizing communities assailed by poverty. They are ready to attain new skills, improve their lives. We all have much to learn, much to share – please join us.

RAIN’s mission is to work with nomadic peoples of West Africa to improve their lives through education, water security, agriculture, and income-producing activities.  These locally rooted programs promote literacy and empowerment while sustaining nomadic traditions throughout the Sahel and Sahara.

In West Africa they say:      The ear is the road to the heart.

It means:   “Listen! You will understand, and you will care.”

RAIN is administration light and passion heavy.  Visit our website and get involved at:



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